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Number 1 Roll

Well it all started some years ago when Hubby went out to San Jose on business. Daughter 1, P, was living in San Francisco, and she drove him down there, as she wanted to try this sushi restaurant in San Mateo. Well now there is no other sushi place in the world, and we have to take the trip to San Mateo, every time we are in SFO, because of course there is no place quite like that in the Bay Area!!

I have to admit, though, I have never managed to find anything quite like the Number 1 Roll. I could only eat half, and the rest makes great stir fry the next day!

I have done a lot of searching to see if I can find anything like it in the Washington DC area, but to no avail.

Ok, that's it! Isn't it fabulous? Tempura shrimp, rice, green onion, salmon, something else, something else, avocado?, crab topping... oh bliss! I think this is the place, after double checking with daughter 2, A.  Old Town Sushi, San Mateo, California
There has always been a wait list the times I have gone.


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