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I just love the way they grow up all curly and twisted. And how you can eat the green stems, or as you shall see, turn them into pesto. Best of all, when you let the heads go to seed, then break them open and dozens of teeny garlic cloves tumble out!

So, I discovered this summer that garlic scape pesto is a thing. My sister had a lovely jar from a friend, and after displaying these fat and luscious scapes as a flower bouquet, I decided to use them in pesto, along with some basil from our own garden. 
1/2 c chopped scapes
1/2 c basil*
1/2 c walnuts
splash of lemon juice
salt and ground pepper to taste
good quality olive oil

Puree in food processor. Add oil while processing.

*During the summer when the basil is growing like crazy, I am continually trimming it. Rather than gather together all the ingredients for pesto, I blanch it to keep it's lovely green color, and store it in the freezer in olive oil in a ziplock bag. When I need it, Hey Pesto, it's ready to go!

I'll add the cheese when I am ready to eat it. Maybe a slice on a sandwich or sprinkled on pasta.


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