Monday, May 14, 2012

Birds Nest Alley

There is a veritable nature center on our front porch! 
First a robin laid three little- SURPRISE ALERT- robin's egg blue eggs! In the petunia plant right outside our living room window! 
So I was able to get some great photos, either through the window, or on her few trips off to feed her poor little self. Prepare to be swooped though!
She also did an admirable job fiercely defending her nest from a cowbird who tried to steal it. That one slunk away with her feathers between her legs!

 First Day
 Second Day
 What's for lunch?
A monarch butterfly pupa I believe!

They never give up!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Still no winter

Looks like there will be no skating on the lake this winter. We went out on the boat though one freezing day. A. brought her room mate, an old family friend, whose parents had been out and she really really wanted to go. We kept telling her how cold it was out there, and she thought it was only an issue with us old fogies. She found out the truth:-)

Meanwhile there have been more mild days than not this "winter" and we haven't been out on the boat. We really need to figure out how to live on the lake!

Friday, January 20, 2012

We started looking at this house in winter. We had no intention of moving, but there was some sort of  magnetic pull that kept us coming back. I was fascinated with the kids playing hockey on the frozen lake... how was the ice not cracking and swallowing them up? Brave, brave children! Hubby even stepped off the sea wall and stood there while I furiously clicked a picture... maybe I was secretly hoping he'd fall in; that would have made a really swell pic, and it's not that deep, he would not have drowned! I mean this is Northern Virginia... it's not cold enough to play hockey on lakes!
Anyway daughter P is home from San Francisco. She really, really wanted the lake to freeze while she was here. Funny because she really, really loved it in summer, when she'd go out on the little fishing boat and jump in again and again. Of the three kids, I think she loves it the most. She is my Lakesprite Junior.
We just spent 3 weeks in Australia, and marvelled over the white sandy beaches and clear azul water. We landed back here as it was beginning to snow... the next day there was still snow on the ground, and I thought... "another winter on the lake"... but it's not going to freeze any time soon. It started, but got rained away... but I never tire of the changing ripples.