Time Flies On The Lake!

I can't believe it's seven months since I started this.
The move was truly awful. We hadn't honestly confronted how far back the shelving went on four floors of house, plus garage, verandah and deck, or how much stuff we had stored on them. We saw things we hadn't seen for twenty years. And just like all the other times we moved both coming and going, we found we didn't have time nor energy to deal with all the stuff so we just hauled it off to the new place. "We'll go through it when there is time." Guess what? Yeah you guessed it. Maybe I'll stop now and run off and do some sorting!
Plus, it was the height of allergy season. Other years we spent Spring Break traveling and relaxing.  This year we were physically and emotionally exhausted, and Hubby was terribly overcome with congestion, caused by multiple culprits, one of the major ones, we think, being the beautiful red maple by our new deck!
He struck on bravely, however, and when he brought things over, he just stuck the full drawers back in, or the ornaments on the same stand they were on, and the house looked surprisingly like we'd lived here awhile!
We slept in Arlington till moving day. Even the moving van guys were surprised at how much stuff we had. It's like we had it all in a ZIP file. How do we do that? It's the same here, seven months later! Doesn't look like that much... they even knew they had three pianos (!!!!!) to move, but couldn't believe it when they found out how much work it was. So, long story short, they didn't have time to move us in that night, and had to come back the next day, so our beds were neither here nor there but on the truck. We found some sheets and blankets and pillows and pulled out the sofa bed that conveyed, and  slept the sleep of the totally exhausted.
But all the other stuff went surprisingly smoothly. Address changes, utilities, license. The catalog people never missed a beat. They knew we moved before we did!
And just to show why we moved...


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